Other Important Information

Notice of Leaving
Two full weeks notice must be given before your child leaves The Bees Knees Day Nursery and Pre-School. If notice is not given, you will be charged for this period. We also require two weeks notice if you want to drop sessions.

We are closed over the Christmas and New Year periods, and on all Bank Holidays.

Daily Routine
Our daily routine is displayed in the nursery for parents at all times.
Project work for the year is displayed in the nursery.
A weekly plan is displayed for you to read, this generally explains how we will be covering all the Early Learning Goals.

Written Policies
The Bees Knees Day Nursery and Pre-School has written policies for Equal Opportunities, Child Protection, Managing Behavior, Complaints Procedure and many more which are displayed in the main foyer and are available to read at any time.

It is essential that we are given full information if your child is to be collected by someone other than yourselves.

We are registered under the terms of the Children Act 1989, the Fire Service and the Environmental Health Authority. We are inspected regularly to ensure standards are being maintained.


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