Standard Fees

Honey Bees, Bumbles and Busy's Pre School

8am to 6pm = £44.00 

8am to 1pm = £23.00

1pm to 5pm = £22.00

1pm to 6pm = £23.00 

Full-time = £220.00 

The above are our normal nursery fees, but the term after your child is 3 years old they are entitled to 15/30 hours FREE nursery education a week for 38 weeks per year.
The funding is for term time only and as we are open all year round we offer longer sessions and also include meals.
For any other combinations of sessions that may suit you please call us.

Prices include breakfast, hot lunch, snack and a hot tea.
Unless you are fully funded, we require a deposit of two weeks' fees. When your child leaves the nursery, this is taken off your last two weeks' invoice. Fees are paid weekly at the beginning of each week, or monthly at the start of each month if you prefer.

Fees are still payable if your child is absent, but you do not have to pay if the nursery is closed.

Early Years Funding for your Child

2 Year Funding - Some parents are eligable to recieve this funding for the term after your child is 2, please go to If you are elegible you will get a code number please give this to the nursery and we will apply for the funding. . 3 & 4 Year Funding for 15 Hours - Every child is entitled to this the term after they are 3 - Parents do not need to do anything to claim this, we will apply for the funding. . 3 & 4 Year Funding for 30 Hours - Most parents will be eligable for this, to receive this funding please go to to see if you are eligable, you will receive a code if you are eligable, please give this to the nursery. Even if you only want 15 hours funding please still apply as we can stretch this funding to cover as much of the 12 weeks we do not get funding for as we can. .

You are able to use these 15 or 30 hours as you wish. i.e.

- 1 full day (10 hours) and 1 morning or afternoon (5 hours per session)
- 3 mornings or 3 afternoons (5 hours per session)
- 2 mornings and 1 afternoon (5 hours per session)

Note: These are just examples.

As we only receive funding for 38 weeks a year there is a shortfall of 12 weeks to be paid. We divide the shortfall over the term so that you pay a weekly fee throughout and would not have to pay full nursery fees during non-term time.

If your child attends nursery more than 15/30 hours a week i.e. full time all year round, you would just pay a top up. The nursery will average out how much you need to pay each week so that you would pay the same amount each week/month (whichever you prefer) to include term and non-term time.

We are very flexible with the 15 hours per week so do not hesitate to speak to Teresa in the office and let her know what would suit you and your child and what you would like to do. Teresa will be able to tell you the availability and we will then work out your weekly fee if there is a top up to pay.

Let us know what you would like to do and we will do the rest -
it couldn't be easier....

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