Our Educational Programme

The Early Years Foundation Stage is the basis of the curriculum at The Bees Knees Day  Nursery and Pre-School. It ensures children will be ready to begin learning all the subjects in the National Curriculum in later years.

Our educational objectives are that children will be able to:

Personal, Social and Emotional Development
- Have confidence and self-respect.
- Behave appropriately and be aware of right and wrong
- Be willing to take turns and share fairly.
- Have good relationships with and sensitivity towards others including
children of other cultures and beliefs.
- Respond with wonder, joy or sorrow to cultural and religious events or
other experiences of the world.
- Work well both independently and as a group.
- Concentrate and persevere.
- Take initiative.
- Have some personal independence - in dressing and hygiene, for example.

Communication, Language and Literacy
- Listen attentively to stories, songs, rhymes and talk about his/her own
- Use an increasing number of words to express thoughts and find out things.
- Be able to make up stories and take part in role play.
- Use and enjoy books, knowing that pictures and words have a meaning,
that pages turn and that words are read from left to right.
- Recognise his/her own name, some familiar words and alphabet letters.
- Associate sounds with words, letters and syllables and patterns in rhymes.
- Write his/her own name and write for different purposes using pictures or symbols, small and capital letters.

Problem Solving, Reasoning and Numeracy
- Know the mathematical words to describe shape, position, size or quantity such as circle, cube, behind, bigger than.
- Recognise and make mathematical patterns.
- Sort, compare and put objects in order.
- Know some number rhymes, songs, stories and counting games.
- Count, read and write numbers to 10.
- Use real objects to solve problems, such as adding one, taking away one and working out how many are left.

Knowledge and Understanding of the World
- Talk about his or her family, past and present events, where s/he lives, his or her environment and some of its features, such as parks, shops, schools, railway stations and libraries.
- Talk about living, natural and made objects, patterns and change.
- Talk about and record, in writing, symbols or pictures his/her own
- Ask questions about why things happen and how things work.
- Choose and use equipment to cut, fold or bend.
- Use technology, such as computers, telephones and TV sets.

Physical Development
-  Move confidently and imaginatively with control, co-ordination and
awareness of space.
- Be able to use a wide range of small equipment such as bats, balls, hoops and climbing and balancing equipment.
- To be able to use tools, objects, hard and soft construction materials, safely and with control.

Creative Development
-  Explore sound, colour, texture, shape, space in both his/her two and three dimensional work.
- Respond in various ways to what s/he hears, smells, touches and feels.
- Use imagination and observation in art.
- Express ideas and communicate feelings through a range of materials,
including suitable tools and musical instruments.

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