Your Child at Nursery

What to Bring to Nursery
Please could parents supply nappies, cream and wipes if required.
Honey Bees only - formula milk made up in their own bottles.
Children must bring a pair of indoor trainers, plimsoles or slippers and children will need sunscreen and a hat in summer. We do sell baseball and legionnaire caps in the office.

All children wear aprons for activities and the younger children have bibs for meals, but there will still be a chance of spillages. If you prefer, T-shirts and sweatshirts, which would save their everyday clothes, are available at the office.

Settling Your Child into Nursery
If your child is not used to being away from you, s/he can be expected to need time to settle into nursery. All children react differently on being left in a new environment. Sometimes the child may appear to settle easily but after a few weeks may become tearful and reluctant for their parents to leave. Others show distress at first but will steadily gain confidence. Of course some children will adjust to nursery with very few problems.

Do be positive about your child's time at nursery and about the good things they do there.
Do talk to staff, they are there to work with you for the good of your child.
Do feel free to phone at any time. You will probably find that your child has settled within minutes of your leaving.

Please remember your child will settle and will benefit from interacting with other children and adults. This is good preparation for school and will help your child feel secure and to become confident.

Children who are ill and/or infectious must not be brought to nursery.We ask that you phone and let us know if your child is going to be absent.

The nursery has a high level of security including security doors and CCTV. If someone else is collecting your child, it is essential that you inform the office and you will need to give a password. We will not let the child go home with anybody else if we have not been informed. 

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